Social Security Announces 2.8% Benefit Increase for 2019

The Social Security Administration just announced a 2.8% increase in 2019 benefits for more than 67 million Americans.  The 2.8% cost-of-living adjustment (COLA) is the largest in 7 years and will begin with benefits payable to more than 62 million Social Security beneficiaries in January 2019.  Increased payments to more than 8 million Supplemental Security […]

Thinking about a Part-Time Job? Social Security and Medicare Implications

If you are like many federal government or USPS retirees, you are contemplating a part-time job to help supplement your retirement benefits and savings.   Many don’t realize that a part-time job can have Social Security and Medicare implications.  Here are some things to keep in mind: If you start taking Social Security before your full […]

How Does My Health Insurance Work When I Retire?

At GPIS we help hundreds of federal employees retire every week and one of the biggest questions we get is: How does my health insurance work when I retire?  When we visit with federal employees, we share the following tips: You must have at least 5 consecutive years going into retirement to carry your Federal Health Plan. […]

Federal Retirement Claims Up in 2018

The Office of Personnel Management released earlier this month the number of federal employees filing retirement claims is on the increase. The Numbers Between January and July 2017, 59,987 federal employees had filed retirement paperwork with OPM. But over the same period this year, that number increased to 69,340. One in seven federal workers is […]

Retirement Road Map: Tools To Reach Your Retirement Goals

When it comes to retirement you must have a plan and a goal. Knowing where you are and having a goal is the first step. Having a road map can make it much easier to reach your goal and retire on time. Explore All Options If you’re unsure about which type of retirement account to […]

Get Your FREE Benefit Review Today!

Our company has a core commitment to providing FREE benefit reviews to all federal employees and FREE informational workshops for federal agencies, federal unions and associations. This is a community service that our professional benefit and retirement counselors here at GPIS are happy and willing to provide to our federal employees who have served our […]

Planning for Retirement Doesn’t Have To Cost Hundreds of Dollars

One of the most daunting tasks federal employees face as they anticipate and plan for retirement is filling out the paperwork required to depart service.  Those who order the hard copy, discover a one inch thick packet that covers everything, including much of which has nothing to do with their personal situation.  As many try […]

Are You Psyched Up About Retiring?

The professional retirement counselors at GPIS  have counseled thousands of federal employees over many years, a few major themes seem to recur time and again: After 20 to 35 years of government service, so many if not most are burned out and really want to move onto something else. However, like millions of baby boomers, many […]

Let’s Get Real About Retirement Age

Jeff Macke of Yahoo Finance made this astute observation: “We’re going to have to get realistic about retirement age. We came up with the retirement age of 65 when people used to live until they were about 59. That seems to have changed in the ensuing 70 years now we’re all living until we’re 90.” […]

3 Tips to Protect Yourself Against Holiday Scammers

It is a busy time of year- for all of us and for scam artists.  During this holiday season, watch out for these 3 holiday scams: Holiday Scams: Gift Card Scams Fake Charities Click here for a list of charities eligible for tax exempt status by the IRS. Click here to see how charities will […]