Reserve your seat now, our workshops are very important for those of you looking to retire in the next few years. You only get one chance to retire, do it right.

Upcoming In-Person Workshops

Albuquerque, NM

2 Sessions Available
Saturday, March 2nd

Indianapolis, IN

1 Session Available
Sunday, March 3rd

Silverdale, WA

1 Session Available
Saturday, March 9th

Tacoma, WA

1 Session Available
Sunday, March 10th


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FERS & CSRS Retirement Strategy Workshops

GPIS leads the way in education for all federal employees through workshops and individualized information. With our extensive knowledge of the federal benefits programs and professional experience in the complex field of retirement planning, we help enhance, update, and maximize all benefits. Ultimately, this will help federal employees achieve financial success and secure a comfortable, worry-free retirement. This is a FREE workshop and will benefit all Federal employees.

Topics Covered:

  • How to calculate your FERS or CSRS Retirement Annuity
  • FERS Special Retirement Supplement and qualifications
  • FERS and CSRS Survivor Annuity options for your family
  • Options for your TSP and best time to collect your Social Security
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