Federal Employees

When it comes to your benefits, there are many options. Understanding your options can make a big difference throughout your career.  We are here to help.


Our GPIS Certified Federal Benefit Specialist have extensive expertise in all federal retirement systems. We provide individualized information pertaining to your federal retirement system and in the complex field of retirement income planning.


Thrift Savings Plan

The Thrift Savings Plan (TSP) is designed to aid in the retirement savings process. Think about the kind of life you expect to have in retirement, how long you expect to be in retirement, and what your income needs might be.

Our Federal Benefit Specialists can help you with your TSP Rollovers, TSP Withdrawal, TSP Loans as well as help you understand your contribution limits.

Federal Employees Group Life

This is a group life insurance administered by Met Life. This Plan is set up when you start your Federal career. FEGLI is a reasonably priced plan with good coverage when started at a young age. However, the premiums in this plan increase every five years starting at age 35 and becomes prohibitive starting around age 50.

We have come to realize that limited knowledge of your Federal group life plan could cost you thousands of dollars throughout your career, and even more at retirement.

Our Federal Benefit specialist can not only help you understand your FEGLI benefits but they can also show you what is available and help update your FEGLI benefits.

Ready to Retire?

GPIS Certified Federal Benefit Specialists will assist you in the completion of your retirement paperwork. We will make sure you understand ALL your options going into retirement.

We will include a free benefit review with a personalized financial snapshot going over all aspects of your retirement. Your Specialists will walk you through the complete retirement process making sure you know exactly what to expect during pre-retirement and post-retirement.


When it comes retirement and your hard earned money, there are many options at GPIS. We are strong believers in safety, security and opportunity. That means when we put a strategy together for you and your family, we make sure we are delivering all three of those critical elements.  We work with many of the top rated company’s in country and look forward in working with you!


We are here to help.  Our goal is to provide you with the knowledge and tools to make educated decisions when it comes to your benefits and retirement.  Contact us today!

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