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Free Benefit Review

Our company has a core commitment to providing FREE benefit reviews to all federal employees and FREE informational workshops for federal agencies, federal unions and associations. This is a community service that our professional benefit and retirement counselors here at GPIS are happy and willing to provide to our federal employees who have served our country and community for the bulk of their careers. The funding streams for our company – while associated to the topics we discuss throughout the review and/or workshop process – are not coupled to the free services we provide. Period.

A Brief Explanation

While the federal employee retirement system does offer a limited array of options for you upon retirement, it should come as no surprise that the private market has a much more diverse constellation of options for you and your family to choose from; depending on your lifestyle and legacy preferences. Our professional benefit and retirement counselors are committed to unpacking, reviewing and discussing the VERY BEST options for each of our clients, through either their current government OR private market options. Client financial wealth and health is our counselor’s first and foremost priority.

Many federal employees max out their coverage when they are young and don’t pay attention as it gets increasingly more expensive over the years.  When they are most likely to need it, the costs become prohibitive.  This is where our services come in. We are in the business of ensuring client financial security, longevity and legacy.

How GPIS IS Compensated

Our service professionals receive absolutely ZERO dollars from you or your funds. Zero.  GPIS representatives are compensated only through and from the private companies we represent. Only those companies who have been rigorously vetted for integrity and health are in the selection of options presented to you for consideration. As mentioned before, our primary focus is on providing our services to federal employees; and to ensure our client’s financial health and wellness functions at optimal levels upon retirement. More often than not, the best options for our clients are available through the private market. The choice is yours, we are simply here to serve, discuss and offer our expertise.

We look forward to serving you and your colleagues. Please call us for a review or workshop today!