The Office of Personnel Management released earlier this month the number of federal employees filing retirement claims is on the increase. The Numbers Between January and July 2017, 59,987 federal employees had filed retirement paperwork with OPM. But over the same period this year, that Read More
Jeff Macke of Yahoo Finance made this astute observation: “We’re going to have to get realistic about retirement age. We came up with the retirement age of 65 when people used to live until they were about 59. That seems to have changed in the ensuing 70 years now we’re all living until we’re Read More
If you’ve followed the news lately, you may have noticed that the US economy isn’t exactly cooking along at a break neck speed, actually growing at an anemic rate of only 1%. The causes are many and varied and to litigate the issues is not the purpose of this brief discussion. But Read More
You’ve heard it many times: Being 60 today is like being in your 50’s decades ago. Bottom line, we’re living longer, not necessarily because we are healthier but partly because modern medicine can patch us up, give us more pills and put us back in the game. So many of us, Read More