Randy Jones

South Atlantic Regional Manager, Federal Benefits Specialist


Meet Randy

Randy Jones Federal Benefits & Retirement Specialist
Randy Jones Federal Benefits & Retirement Specialist

Randy Jones has been assisting Federal Employees with their Federal Benefits since 2010, through educational workshops, and personalized benefit reviews. Randy has great respect for the service that Federal Employees provide and a personal understanding of how hard they work. Whether it is FEGLI, Pension, TSP, Survivor Benefits, or other information, Randy does all that he can to help Federal Employees maximize their federal benefits and retirement, making sure their time of service is as valuable as possible.

What Customers Are Saying About Randy

“No question, Randy handled everything expertly.”


“Randy Jones is a very professional federal benefits specialist. My Wife Yolanda and I attended the workshop on Tuesday October 15th at the Sanford Library. The next day on the 16th Randy came to our home for a one on one. Randy was on time, and he was very thorough in explaining our benefits. He would always ask if we had doubt or questions on all the topics mentioned. And he wants to help us prepare for my retirement. He explained about life insurance, health insurance and what I would get as a pension from the post office and my tsp. I am looking forward to working with him as I get closer to my retirement. My wife and I both agree that he was very knowledgeable and helpful.”


“Randy was very knowledgeable and quick with figures. Very informative.”


“Randy was very informative in explaining my retirement benefits. He provided additional information so my daughter and I can research options. I am looking forward to having a nice comfortable retirement portfolio with Randy’s assistance.”



We are here to help. Our goal is to provide you with the knowledge and tools to make educated decisions when it comes to your benefits and retirement. Contact us today!

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