Welcome APWU Members


Serving Federal Employees Since 2007

Welcome APWU Members

GPIS is offering FREE services to all APWU Locals and their members.

As a memberĀ of the APWU, you are entitled to Free services from GPIS.

Free Services Include:

  • Retirement Packet Completion
  • Personalized Retirement Analysis
  • Retirement Planning
  • Updating Benefits

Each member of our expert staff has an extensive background working with the federal government and federal employees, as well as specializing in individual retirement planning. At GPIS, our top priority is making sure all federal employees retire with peace of mind knowing they have made the best-educated decisions possible.

As a memberĀ of the APWU, you are entitled to have a Free Benefits & Retirement Seminar for your local.

Topics that will be covered:

  • How to calculate your FERS or CSRS Retirement Annuity
  • FERS Special Retirement Supplement and qualifications
  • FERS and CSRS Survivor Annuity options for your family
  • Options for your TSP and the best time to collect your Social Security

Your benefits can be very confusing at times and it is possible that you could make some choices that could cost you thousands of dollars over the length of your career, and cause financials strains well into your retirement years. Having a seminar for your local will give your members valuable knowledge about their future retirement and what they can do during economically difficult times to help them have a secure retirement. This is just another way GPIS would like to help APWU locals and their members.

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