FMA Benefit Evaluation

The Federal Managers Association is proud to be partnering with GPIS.

GPIS leads the way in providing valuable financial products to specialized markets which include employees of federal, state, and municipal governments, small businesses as well as an array of support to other marketing organizations and agencies.

GPIS not only offers a full line of products from its own affiliated insurance companies, but also has deep relationships with other major carriers in order to provide a complete package for every individual situation.

Our free personal reviews are conducted one-on-one to assist members and determine what options and strategies would best fit their individual needs for:

  • CSRS/FERS Retirement
  • FERS Supplement
  • Spousal Benefits
  • Retirement Packet Completion
  • Social Security Overview
  • (TSP) – Retirement Planning
  • (FEGLI) Life Insurance
  • Military Buy Back
  • CSRS Redeposit…..and much more.

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