Should You Try To Time The Market?

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Should You Try To Time The Market?

Market Volatility

Have you ever found yourself wondering if you should re-allocate your investments during periods of market volatility?

Maybe you think the market’s too high.

“It can only go down from here” you say to yourself.

Or maybe the market’s been down for a few days in a row.

You think it’s obvious.

You watch the news every night and the experts say “It’s only going to get worse.”

So – does it make sense to make changes to your allocations?

Investing For The Long-Term

Imagine you had to drive from New York City to Los Angeles.

At the beginning of your journey, you’re in downtown Manhattan.

And you find yourself stuck in traffic.

It’s bumper to bumper.

Inching along.

Bicyclists are whizzing by you.

You find yourself frustrated.

So you jump out of your car, and you decide to sell it on the spot.

And you sell it at a ridiculously low price.

Then you buy a bicycle to continue your trip to the West coast.

As crazy as this sounds, people do it every day.

They let emotions get involved.

And they make short-term decisions when they’re on a long-term journey.

Keep your time horizon in mind.

And stick with the vehicle that will take you to your destination — whatever that might be.

There might be times along the way when other vehicles might look like the better choice.

But remember to keep your eye on the prize.


We aim to take emotions out of the equation and help you make smarter, educated and more informed decisions when it comes to your retirement.

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-Sam Wiss, RICP


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